Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[My Day] A Letter for SHINee

This is just a letter that maybe could never convey.
about me who loved shinee so much.
actually, besides this I had wrote poems for them.
sayangnya, malas untuk menuliskannya

a coincidence I met you
or whether it was fate I'll met you
whatever it is,
I've fallen in love when I met you

even though I love you here and you never know
even though I love you here and you never loved me
even though everyone in this world called me a foolish
I still love you

your smile is the spirit for me
when I cry and I heard your singing
I feel you there, even if it is just an illusion

people say I'm crazy
that I'm just a dreamer
dreamers who dream to meet you
dreamers who love you so much

even though I cried because people insult me
even though I cried because it's just dream to meet you
even though I cry because you never know I'm here

but I will always love you

because you're the reason I'm live
because you're the reason I smile
because you make my world becomes beautiful

i always here for loving you


3 komentar:

riel said...

aku merasakannya juga!

LexyesLuvMinho said...

so sweet bgt chingu!!

AgeHa said...

keren banget!
ampe nangis nih...

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