Saturday, April 21, 2012

[PIC] Taemin @ Sherlock Fanmeeting 120419

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[Eng] Jonghyun’s Japan Mobile Update 120421

Credit : @Hi60N [Trans] Finally, SHIneeWorld 2012 will start from next week~All the members and staffs are doing rehearsal now, everyone is tired, you can see from my face in the photo (laugh)  But still, because (we) want to show all of you a wonderful performance, please look forward for it! Well then, next week!Next week, we shall all meet!!Next ~ week ! Source: EMI Japan | Credits Hilon ; SFI Japanese - English Translations: _almightyblings via: shineetown Selengkapnya...

[PIC] Key @ Sherlock Fanmeeting 120419

Credit: KimKeyFan via: almightyblingbling| forevershinee

Monday, January 23, 2012

[MY DAY] SH*Tttt!!!!!

today I was really angry.
please! you do not know about my life, so plz never comment on it.
u said i must be like this or like that. . . look at you!
you don't know anything about me! 
about my world, my feeling, how i trying to survive . . . 
sh*t!!! sh*t!!! 
well, ok, you're a person who had made ​​me able to live in the world, but you do not know all about me. 
i don't need your comments!! 
I do not need it !!!!! 
jst shut up ur mouth!!!! 
sh*ttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Selengkapnya...

[PIC] Smiley Leader Onew! 120123

LEADER YAH YOU ARE FINALLY BACK T.T - the person whom put jinki’s pic is his relative ^^ today jinki ate alot ,chit chat & play.. granny promise to come during Mid-Autumn fest, jinki knew it too, but coming or not is not sure too. 1st day of new year no regret.

Credit as tagged Source: onewbaidubar/19891214onew English translation : forever_shinee Selengkapnya...